This image is an original artwork based on the Chiropractic caduceus.

Created and designed by Christian A. Mayer in 1996. Exclusively for Stephanie Evans for use by Dormont Chiropractic.

© 1996, Christian A. Mayer - All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction Without Express Written Authorization


Many people assume that everything posted on the Internet is public domain, probably because our law used to protect published works only if they displayed the proper copyright notice upon publication. The law, however, has changed: neither publication nor a notice of any kind is required to protect works today. Simply putting the pen to the paper or in the electronic medium, putting the fingers to the keyboard creates a copyrighted work. Once expression is committed to a tangible medium (and computer media is considered tangible), copyright protection is automatic.

The bottom line is: Protect Yourself and Respect Others .

  • Protect yourself by adding a statement to your Web site that clearly states the terms of use.
  • Respect others rights by asking and obtaining their permission whether it is to use their material (words, images or sounds) or simply linking to their Web site.

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